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Product Name: Wake Up Light
Style no. 1558S
Material: ABS, PP
Cube Lamp Cover.
Warm light LED lamp 300Lux.
4 x AA battery back up clock setting (Not Included).
Wake Up Light gradually before alarm time 15 or 30 minutes.
5 Selectable Natural Soothing sounds of birds, frogs, raining , winds, sea gulls, beeps or radio for the alarm.
2 Alarm settings.
10 Alarm tones selection.
Changeable alarm volume.
Super quality Stereo auto-tuning PLL FM radio.
10 Radio Stations Storage.
Snoozing light and Radio function for sleeping (5 - 90 minutes).
MP3 AUX Input(Not Included MP3 Input Cable)
Gradually light or dim setting.
Digital volume control.
Include Color big size LCD.
Include Cool touch LED lamp cover
Include Color box and English IB pack
Options(Extra Cost Added)
Color Changing LED
USB Smart Phone Charge

Port: FOB Yantain
Packing: Gift Box
Payment Remarks: 30% Deposit, balance is T/T against the shipment documents
Delivery Time: 40 days